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OUR WORLD OUR FUTURE - Peace Poster 2013/2014 Reminder to purchase kits through Lion Khetia or Direct from LCIF

THEME FOR 2013/2014: The theme of the 2013-14 Peace Poster Contest is "Our World, Our Future." Students, ages 11, 12 or 13 on November 15, are eligible to participate.

Some children learn about war and strife first hand in their homeland. Many others view the unsettling images on television. Yet all of these resilient young people can imagine a more peaceful time when their neighbours and other nations can live in harmony.

The Lions Step In

The Peace Poster Contest began simply enough: What would happen if children throughout the world used the universal language of art to express what peace means to them? From this question sprang an annual tradition in which children put pen, crayon, charcoal or paintbrush to paper and unleash their powerful talents. Each year, Lions clubs around the world invite children ages 11, 12 and 13 to artistically express what peace means to them through the Peace Poster Contest.
“Our main goal as Lions is to get the kids involved in the community through the Peace Poster Contest,” said Kerry Fletcher of the Zionsville Lions Club in Indiana. “Their voices are important.”
Children compete locally against their peers by creating a work around a theme such as “Vision of Peace” or “Peace Begins with Me.” Clubs and multiple districts pick regional winners, which are sent to Lions Clubs International and shown to a jury of distinguished artists. From these posters, 23 merit award winners and one grand prize award winner is chosen. Each merit award winner receives US$500 and the grand prize winner receives US$5,000, plus a trip to Lions Day at the United Nations.
“The work is really high quality.  It’s amazing that the children are so young and their original approaches to the idea about power and peace,” said contest judge Tricia Van Eck of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.

Hard Work Pays Off

The Peace Poster Contest brings Lions closer to their community and provides a platform for reaching out to youth and letting them know what Lions do in their community. “Our club believes that we need to have peace all around us. And by taking it through to the schools — we can encourage them,” said Leona McPherson of the Newlands Lions Club in the Republic of South Africa.
Furthermore, the contest encourages children to imagine a future full of hope and devoid of violence. “I’d like to see a better world where my parents, my friends, my family can live in peace,” said 12-year-old Nataly Aquite of Colombia.

Fast Facts

The contest is in its 23rd year. Clubs representing more than 65 countries participate each year. More than 350,000 children participate in the contest annually. Past grand prize winners have hailed from Brazil, Guadeloupe, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Martinique, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and the United States. Each poster is judged on originality, artistic merit and expression of the theme.

Lion Sara
Chairperson TZ for PPC

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Dear Club Secretaries, 
Please note that the deadline for submission of PU101 is 15th May 2013. 
You need to log in online, enter new officers for LY 2013/2014 then go to Reports for enabling PU 101 completed form in pdf format. The copy should them be submitted to the Cabinet Secretaries.

Grants Approved April 1-15, 2013

Emergency Grants Approved April 1-15, 2013: 
2 Grants Approved, Totaling US$20,000

Brazil, District LD-5 
$10,000 for flood relief

Macedonia, District 132 
$10,000 for flood relief

Grants Approved at the January 2013 Lions Quest Advisory Committee Meeting: 
15 Grants Approved, Totalling US$904,818

Brazil, Multiple District LB – Lions in MD LB received a US$100,000 grant to expand Lions Quest to schools in four new cities, reaching approximately 6,000 students. Lions will host four workshops for 90 participants.
Brazil, District LC-5 – A grant of US$25,000 was given to Lions in District LC-5 to conduct two workshops for 51 teachers. This will bring Lions Quest to 16 schools in two new geographic areas, positively impacting 2,150 students.
Brazil, District LC-6 – Lions in District LC-6 were given US$25,000 to conduct one Lions Quest workshop for 35 participants. Through this workshop, 471 students will be impacted. This project has the participation of 18 Lions clubs.
Brazil, District LC-8 – Lions in District LC-8 received US$25,000 to bring Lions Quest to a new area of Brazil through one training workshop held for 40 participants. Approximately 550 students will benefit from this training.
Brazil, District LC-11 – A grant of US$25,000 was given to Lions in District LC-11 to expand Lions Quest through two workshops to both public and private schools. Approximately 280 students will benefit from the workshops, which will train 34 participants on program implementation.
Colombia, Multiple District F – A grant of US$99,778 was given to Lions in Multiple District F to expand Lions Quest throughout Bulgaria. Lions will host 9 workshops, which will train 270 new teachers on how to implement the program into schools in 9 new schools, serving 9,450 students in three districts. Lions will also implement a Lions Quest database for improved data collection and evaluation, and use it as a tool to promote Lions Quest.
Indonesia, District 307-A1 – A grant of US$90,000 was given to Lions in District 307-A1 to conduct nine workshops that will train at least 225 teachers. This will expand Lions Quest to four new regions of the country, benefitting more than 2,250 students.
Italy, Multiple District 108 – Lions in MD108, Italy, received a US$100,000 grant to Conduct 20 workshops. These workshops will train 700 teachers at 100 schools, benefitting 7,000 students. Lions will also train and certify three local trainers, and print 30,000 copies of Lions Quest materials in Italian. Finally, Lions will develop a Lions Quest Italy web portal for data management and use it as an evaluation tool for the program.
Liberia, District 403-A2 – US$25,000 was granted to Lions in District 403-A2 to train 120 teachers through three workshops. This will allow Lions Quest to be implemented in six schools. Lions Quest will be taught to more than 4,500 students in these schools.
Nigeria, Multiple District 404 – Lions in MD404, Nigeria, were given US$25,000 to adapt the Lions Quest curriculum to the Nigerian educational environment and print materials locally. Lions will also organize a Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop to establish local trainers this year. Finally, Lions will conduct 10 workshops to train approximately 350 teachers from 10 private schools on program implementation.
Philippines, Multiple District 301 – A grant of US$100,000 was given to conduct 16 Lions Quest training workshops in the Philippines, MD 301. A total of 160 teachers and 32 facilitators will be trained. These staff members will serve 80 public schools in eight Lion districts over the course of two years.
Romania, District 124 – Lions in District 124, Romania, received US$25,000 to conduct three Lions Quest workshops for 65 teachers from 12 schools. These workshops will benefit approximately 2,200 students.
Tanzania, District 411-B – A grant of US$100,000 was given to Lions in Tanzania to expand Lions Quest to 300 more schools in 19 states. This will create a Lions Quest presence in nearly all of the Tanzanian states. Lions will conduct 19 workshops to train 650 teachers, and allowing Lions Quest to impact 12,000 Tanzanian students. The workshops will be conducted in Bucharest, Sibiu, and Timisoara to reach German schools in three different geographic areas.
Togo, District 403-A2 – Lions in District 403-A2 received US$40,340 to translate and adapt Lions Quest training and program materials into French for the Togolese culture. Lions will also conduct a two-day workshop to train 20 teachers and five Lions on the program. The implementation of the pilot program will benefit 300 students.
Uganda, District 411-B – A grant of US$99,700 was given to Lions in District 411-B to conduct 20 Lions Quest training workshops, which will train approximately 700 teachers in 100 schools. This will impact more than 10,000 students in a two-year period. Lions will also work to strengthen and increase the program’s visibility to enable Lions to seek government and corporate support.



As you are all aware, the 10th Multiple District 411 Convention is being hosted by District 411A in Nairobi from 2nd – 4th May 2013. All preparations are in place by my team and rest assured this Convention which has been themed “A Decade of Togetherness” will be most memorable and exciting for all participating delegates.
With only 3 days left before we all converge for one of the biggest events in our Lions District Calendar, it is my sincere request that you start encouraging as many members from your clubs to register for this event. Many clubs have already registered some members but we are requesting for more participation so that my team can make all the necessary logistical arrangements to make this convention as comfortable, enjoyable and educative for you. Please send us your registrations early.

Looking forward to your support in making this convention successful. . 

District GMT Coordinator
10th MD411 Convention Chairperson 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kampala Cosmopolitans Plant 200 Trees at Golf Course

The Lions Club of Kampala Cosmopolitan planted 200 seedlings of trees in the Kampala Golf course thus fulfilling the Protecting our Environment campaign. The planting of trees was a major drive to keep the golf course in a suitable way as it was being degraded by  the environment. The activity was carried out in March '13