Monday, July 30, 2012


Lions Club of Moshi Kibo carried out official opening of the New classroom at Msandaka Lions Deaf Center on 28th July 2012.  The Classrooms were constructed by M/S Charan Singh & Sons Ltd of Moshi at the cost of TShs 20millions.
The opening ceremony was officiated by IPDG Lion Satish Sharma who expressed his heartfelt appreciations to the hardworking members.  Lion Satish in his speech (that he also wrote on the black board) mentioned that "LIONS CLUB OF MOSHI KIBO HAS ALWAYS MADE THE DISTRICT 411B PROUD WITH ITS PROJECTS."

The pupils also enjoyed soft drinks, juices and snacks after the opening ceremony.

In the evening IPDG Lion Satish installed the new office bearers of the Club. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Host Club carried out food distribution activity on sunday, 29th July at the following orphanages:

1) Hidaya orphange ( 60 orphans) in Buguruni, Dar es Salaam. 
2) New Life orphanage (105 orphans) in Magomeni, Dar es Salaam.

The entire activity was worth TShs 500,000.00 and the following were distribute-  rice, sembe, white flour, sugar, maharage, salt , cooking oil and tea leaves. 

Club President Lion Nimira thanked all 15 Lion members in attendance at the activity that was graced by PMCC/PDG Lion Safder Jaffer as well as  Zone chairperson Lion Yusuf Dalal.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lions Club of Dar es Salaam Mzizima has completed it's Water project at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam. This is the first major activity of the club in this Lionistic Year 2012-2013.


Muhimbili children's ward which had been devoid of the basic necessity for a long time was finally addressed by the Lions of Mzizima.

It was clearly evident how the patients and the staff must have suffered due to the lack of water. The hardship faced was mammoth as it is a multi storeyed complex covering 5 floors.

The existing supply by the Hospital was not enough to cater for even a fraction of their needs. The staff and patients carried water with the aid of containers as depicted in the picture. 4 Lion members from Mzizima went on Saturday inspecting the completion of the work carried out.

1.Digging a borehole. 50 mts

2.Laying the Best quality piping for water and electrical installations(conduiting)

3.Installation of 2 pumps which can fill a tank of 110000 litres in one day.

4.Installation of State of the art control boxes to cater for the pumps.

5.To ensure the filling of 6 tanks on the terrace capacity of 3000 litres

6. To Lay the internal piping using the best quality pipes.

7. The expanse of the block was more than 100 mts where two wings have independent supply of water to the wards below.

All these have been accomplished within a record period of less than 2 weeks.

The opening of this project has been set at a later date. The project cost has exceeded 8 million tsh. The pictures include the Head of the dept Dr Hadija ,several maintenance engineers from Muhimbili and Mzizima and the Lion members.

Report by Lion Mustafa Kudrati.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

IPP Lion Kakkad's Grandmother's Solemn Demise

Dear Lions, I wish to advise you that the Grandmother of Mzizima Club's Immediate Past President Lion Pratish Kakkad passed away today.

Funeral will take place on Friday 27th July, 2012 at 10.30 a.m. at Hindu cemetery.




It gives me great pleasure to welcome You to Bangalore, one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan and exciting cities in India. Bangalore will be hosting the 40th ISAAME Forum of India, South Asia, Africa and The Middle East Lions from 6th to 9th December 2012.

The Forum gives all the participants an opportunity to meet and work together with many Lions from different countries, to listen to various opinions and discuss different viewpoints regarding the Future of Lionism; not only in ISAAME but also worldwide.

The Forum constitutes a special experience for Lions and Leos from India, South Asia, Africa and The Middle East to come together. The Host committee is planning a number of competitions and cultural activities showcasing the rich heritage of India.

The organizing committee under the guidance of the Forum Planning Committee Chairperson International Director Dr Jagdish Gulati is eager to welcome our many friends from India, South Asia, Africa and the Middle East to Bangalore. The Lions of District 324D6 are delighted to host the 40th ISAAME Forum and are excited about showcasing the best that Bangalore and District 324D6 have to offer the Forum attendees. Together we will set goals to enable more Lions in ISAAME to develop new and inspiring ideas to increase membership within our own clubs and reach more people through our Service.

I wish you all the best as we Redefine our World with Vision and Passion.

V V Krishna Reddy
International Director, 2010-12
Chairman, Organizing Committee

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Dear Lions,

The iconic bridge of Busan- Gwangan Daero was a sight to marvel. This bridge exhibits technological advancement. The lions of Korea built bridges of friendship with the lions of the world. In spite of language barriers they won the hearts of all with their friendly smiles exhibiting their passion for the organization. As Dr Tam passed on the baton to President Wayne Madden yet another bridge was built as the lions present echoed- I Believe in a World of Service.
An old man was walking alone along a highway. As evening neared it became cold and gray. Suddenly he came upon a chasm, vast and deep and wide. He crossed it in the twilight and as he safely reached the the other side he turned around and started building a bridge over the chasm.
A fellow pilgrim laughed at him and asked him why he was wasting his strength in building the bridge as he would never have to walk that way again.
The old man lifted his head and said that when he was walking he had seen a young man following at a distance. This young man, he said, may not be able to cross the chasm safely and may fall in the pit- thus he was building the bridge.
As we move into another lions year we need to ask ourselves what kind of bridges we are building. To pass on the legacy we need to indulge in this exercise. We have to make the path of those who follow easier. As we move into new positions of responsibility we have to continue our role as mentors and guides to those who succeed us. PIP Soliva had urged us to build bridges of understanding. We have indeed lost a great philosopher and thinker. We were lucky to have him speak for the academy – maybe one of his last interviews. May his soul rest in peace.
Leaders are many, but some who stand out. We bring to you yet another exclusive interview – that with another outstanding leader – our newly elected Vice President Joe Preston. I hope this conversation with him will give you an insight of the lion who will head our association in a couple of years.
Lions of MD322 are known for thinking ahead and for pre-empting challenges. The MD GLT Coordinator has put forth a training program aimed at the club president, secretary and treasurer. Each module has videos, case studies and the like which you could use to train the club officers. It is editable and you can insert slides relevant to your district. It is made in such a way that you can edit it to suit any time frame you may have for the training program.
The new webinar schedule is on the site. Once again we have lion leaders from across the globe who will talk on a variety of subjects ranging from an idea which can change the club or district, adding fun into fundraising, being an accountable leader and once again a webinar in which we will have our panelists narrate anecdotes from our glorious past. Please do register for them.
If you have not had the opportunity to see the updated Handbook please do so–it has been uploaded on the site with amendments as of April 2012.
We would once again request you to share with us any power point presentation you may have. View the new presentations on change, working towards excellence, your success formula and what is leadership.
Wishing you all the best.
A P Singh


Host Club carried out a CARDIAC CAMP at Regency Medical Centre on 17th and 18th of July.  215 adults and children were attended by qualified doctors during this 2 day camp which was carried out under the joint banner of Lions club of Dsm Host, Sai Foundation Tanzania and Regency Medical Centre. 
Lion Nimira acknowledged the support given by her club members to make this camp successful. During her address to the participants, she emphasized that medical check-ups should not only be compulsive but educative as to what a person should carry out so that he  or she can live a better life.


Lions club of DSM Amani carried out a Ramadan support activity at Hidaya Orphans Centre in Mbagala, Rangi-Tatu on Sunday 22nd of July 2012. The activity was inaugurated by ZC Lion Naeemullah Dar. Lion Naeem mentioned that the club had selected the right time and place to do this magnificent Activity.

69 children and 5 widows benefited from the donation of food stuff, juice, biscuits, clothe as well as cash money all worth TShs 775,000.00. The Club President Lion Babul appreciated club effort and contribution by members. During the programme, the orphans recited verses from Holy Quran while a 6 years old boy performed dua.

On 24th July 2012, Amani donated medicine and Vitamin Supplements to Deaf and Disabled Center at Buguruni.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Respected dignitaries of the district, my dear fellow lions and leos,

I would like to inform you all that we had our New Office Installation Ceremony for the lionstic year 2012 – 2013 on Sunday, 17th June, 2012 at Hotel Gold Crest. We are now ready with our NEW BOARD and three new valentines!

After the fellowship from 11:30 to 12:00 noon the program began as Lion Pushpa Shekar, Lion Shamya Merali and Lion Kanan Patel escorted the chief guest towards high table. RC Appointed Lion Hemant Patel honored us by attending the ceremony as chief guest.
RC Lion Jasmina Mistry and her spouse Lion Jayesh Mistry, ZC Lion Jagdish Mehta, our present club president Lion Pushpa Shekar, present club president of Mwanza Youth Leo Club Leo Shamya Merali, incoming club president Lion Kanan Patel and her spouse Lion Nilesh Patel accompanied chief guest on high table.

District officers Lion Burhan Mohmad and Lion Mukesh Radia remained graced the occasion.

As the chief guest and other dignitaries made themselves comfortable on high table the meeting was called to order by Lion Pushpa Shekar; Lion Pooja Nakum did the invocation grace and Loyal Toast again by Lion Pushpa Shekar.

Then Leo Azan Virji has been called upon to introduce the club guests. As he finished Leo Shamya Merali gave welcome address.
Lion Jasmina Mistry has been called upon for introducing the chief guest RC Appointed Lion Hemant Patel. She gave brief and nice introduction of him so that other invitees and valentines learned about one of the senior Lion like him.

Now was the time of giving presentation to Lions and LEOs for the hard work done during lionistic year 2011 – 2012. Our club President Lion Pushpa Shekar gave awards to every member for their support and service while her presidency. She declared Lion Bhoomi Nanavati as “Valentine of the Year” and gifted a certificate to her considering attendance, punctuality, preparing newsletters and bulletin as expected and overall participation in activities throughout the year.

By the time valentines received their awards and applause, Mwanza Youth Leo Club president Leo Shamya Merali was ready with awards to appreciate LEOs for the efforts and team work shown in this lionistic year 2011 – 2012 under her leadership.

We just thanked the current year and the moment arrived to formally welcome new lionistic year 2012 – 2013. The chief guest has been requested to ‘Install New Office’ for Lions Club of Mwanza Valentine and Mwanza Youth Leo Club. He called incoming BOARDs front and installed the new offices as per the standard procedure. He performed the whole procedure enthusiastically so that Lions and Leos felt motivated and made themselves determined to work with full of energy in coming year. All did LION LIKE ROAR to welcome the new BOARDs and new lionistic year. (Pls. refer to enclosures for the complete list of new BOARDs).
I feel really happy to highlight that our club has got three new members who have been inducted by the chief guest. We welcomed Lion Vahida, Lion Mansi and Lion Swarnalatha with applause.

Incoming leaders were in action; yes club President Lion Kanan Patel and Leo Shamya Merali delivered marvelous acceptance speech.

The ceremony was progressing towards the end, master of ceremony requested IT Director Lion Bhoomi Nanavati to bring the Yearly Bulletin and hand over to the chief guest. He unpacked and declared the bulletin as released. It was an honor for our club publishing the yearly bulletin as a part of this ceremony.

Planned agendas were completed as per the schedule. Lion Bindu Ganatra offered vote of thanks to honorable chief guest, guests on high table and dignitaries of Lions Clubs in the region. All were ready with the glasses for toast to lionism done by Lion Bhoomi. Leo Shamya Merali adjourned the meeting for delicious lunch and entertainment.

Raffle tickets were sold during the fellowship during the beginning of the ceremony and it was the time to pick the numbers and find the lucky winners. Three prizes were declared for the winners.

Yours Sincerely,
Lion Deepmala Dave
Lions Club of Mwanza Valentine


DG Lion Kiwanuka and First lady Lion Edith on arrival at the Entebbe International Airport from Busan, Korea.

Lions from Kampala and Entebbe fraternity welcoming DG.

Tree Planting at Entebbe and being applauded by IPMCC Lion  Bageine

2nd VDG Lion Night presenting DG at a special Banquet to mark  his arrival in Uganda.

IPMCC Lion Bageine receiving  Banner from the DG

2VDG lion Night receiving Banner from DG 

DG Kiwanuka's maiden address to the Lion Fraternity at the  Banquet.

2012-13 International President An American Classic

Wayne A. Madden was born in Auburn, Indiana, USA, which today is a sleepy and typically American town of 13,000 people. Early in the twentieth century, it produced classic automobiles, including the famous Duesenberg, the Cord and the Auburn, that were far ahead of their time with power steering and front wheel drive.

Madden’s parents were hard workers who stressed education for their only son and two daughters. Madden played Little League baseball on a field built by the Auburn Lions. He also played high school basketball. He knew everyone in town and everyone knew him.

Madden first met Linda, the woman who would become his wife, halfway through his senior year of high school, when Linda was a junior. They both attended Manchester College and married shortly after Wayne graduated. “She had a very bubbly personality–easy to talk to, easy to get along with,” says Madden. Linda was struck by their shared values. “I knew almost instantly that family was important to him. And it didn’t make any difference if it was my family or his,” she says.

At Manchester, Madden began to see the world outside of Auburn, to realize that the needs of the wider world dwarfed the everyday problems of a small Indiana town. In the spring of 1968, when Madden was a senior, Martin Luther King Jr. came to campus to give a speech. Auburn had no African Americans students and Madden had no direct experience with the civil rights movement. Reverend King talked of his dreams and of “being free at last.” A month later he was dead.

Listening to Martin Luther King helped stir Madden’s conscience. “Some of the great things that came out of that era were not only for the benefit of African Americans. As Lions we know that everybody is entitled to an education. No one should suffer from preventable blindness. All children should be able to sit in a classroom and see the blackboard. If they have a vision problem and if their parents can’t fix it, we as Lions have to step in,” he says.

Madden taught high school for five years and earned a master’s degree in education. Then he joined Prudential as an insurance agent. He sold insurance for 11 years before buying an insurance agency in Auburn.

The Maddens stressed education. Linda taught second grade. Older daughter Jennifer and younger daughter Julie earned good grades in school, marched in the band and won awards in speech contests. When Jennifer, then in college, secured an internship in Washington, D.C., Madden, who was in Pennsylvania on business, surprised her. “When I got off the plane in D.C. there was my dad. I was never so happy to see him in my life. I really needed that little transition of getting safely to where I was going to be,” she says.

Madden wanted to give back to his community. Linda’s father had been president of the Lions club in nearby Waterloo. So in 1984, when a letter from the Auburn Lions came in the mail asking him to join, Madden quickly joined.

“I had seen Lions working projects at the fair or selling fruit on the street. I knew they had a scholarship program for high school students every year. That was the extent of my knowledge,” says Madden.

A defining moment for Madden as a Lion was an eyeglass mission trip to Honduras in 1995, a decade after he became a Lion. A young man with a disability slowly made his way to the eyeglass tent. “He asked if I had a pair of sunglasses. He tried on a pair of sunglasses and got a big smile on his face. When you see service actually do something for somebody is when you really become a Lion,” he says. Another highlight of his Lions service for Madden was bringing Operation Kid Sight to Indiana.

Hearkening back to the sense of community Madden developed in Auburn, the fiery compassion for others espoused by a slain civil rights leader and the desire of a small-town Lions club to give back to their community, as international president Madden will keep service in the forefront. “In a world of service, no child should go to bed hungry. No one should suffer from preventable blindness. In a world of service that should never happen. We have babies in Africa suffering from being born to HIV mothers. Those babies should be taken care of,” says Madden.


Past International Director & Board Appointee Lion Manoj Shah has been nominated to receive a HONORARY DOCTORATE OF HUMANITIES DEGREE from the United Graduate College and Seminary International, USA.

The citation reads as follows:- 

‘On behalf of U.G.C & S International and the Chief Chancellor H.E. Prof. Clyde Rivers PhD, I am pleased to inform you that due to your magnanimous and selfless service to the needy and less fortunate, peace initiatives, good leadership and humility, the University Board of Governors in USA have approved your name for the conferment of 


As a man of honour with no race or religion bias, you will be among the eminent personalities selectively honoured for bringing positive changes in their respective countries and the world’. 

The conferment will take place on Friday, 27th July 2012 at 2.30 p.m. 

The District Governor Lion Kiwanuka on behalf of all Lions of the District 411B conveys most sincere congratulations for this well deserved achievement.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Due to a powerful storm in Chicago on the evening of July 18, 2012, the following services are experiencing a temporary outage:
  • Club Supplies
  • Club Locator
  • WMMR
  • Online Directory (VITAL)
The outage is expected to be repaired and functioning within 24-hours.  As a result, the International Headquarters is currently closed.  Once power is restored, these services will be back online.  Thank you for your cooperation and your patience.

Monday, July 16, 2012



Cabinet Secretary
DISTRICT 411B --- Mob:+256772427582.

For your kind attention the District administration expect following activities from your clubs;
  • Please send the PU101 of your club to the Cabinet Secretary at your Earliest.
  • Pay your clubs yearly/half yearly district dues before 31st August.
  • Pay your clubs yearly/half yearly international dues before 31st August.
  • Plan for publication of clubs bulletin.
  • Get audited accounts for year 2011-2012 and submit them by end of August 2012.
  • Apply to the International for 2012-2013 Lions Services for Children Worldwide Funding programme.
  • Motivate your membership to attend leadership seminars.
  • MMR should be sent on or before 20th July, ready for posting with the minutes of the Board. This should be done throughout the year on the 20th day of the current month.
  • Order PEACE POSTER contest kits from International and involve a minimum of three schools.
  • Plan for a fund raising activity.
  • Plan for environment cleanliness and Tree Planting activity.
  • Mark the dates for leadership and Orientation seminars and attend them.
  • Prepare well in advance for your DISTRICT GOVERNORS visit.
  • Prepare your activities and administration budget and send it to the Cabinet Treasurer and Sub Treasurers. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012


On 15th of July 2012, Pwani Club commenced its first activity at the Children Remand Home. 21 Children at the Home were lectured on personal hygiene and the need of keeping body clean all the time by its young Lion Sylvia Musoki. 
During the occasion Pwani Lions played various games with the children that included passing the ball, jumping over a line, singing and dancing. Gifts were given out. The Children were very excited and cried for a next visit......
The 13 Lions and 3 Guests had lunch together with the children and provided various snacks, shampoo, soap and a football. At a later date, it was agreed that a mango tree will be planted at the central yard.


On 14th July 2012, Amani Club inducted 21 new members at the Clubs Installation Night by PMCC/PDG Lion abdul Majid Khan. Lion Khan expressed his gratitude to the Club Members for enabling this historic accomplishment. “This is what is now required by all clubs in the District 411B to emulate,” advised PDG Lion Khan.

It was all joy as Lion Shofiuddin Babul and his Board of Directors were installed by Lion Khan. Lion Babul admitted that the membership drive was a new Lionistic Gift for DG Lion Joseph William Kiwanuka and for MD 411-B.  “I congratulate all Amani Members for their excellent support to make a successful and lively Installation programme,” said Lion President Babul.

About 110 participants Lions, Guests and former Minister Lion Shamim Khan attended the event which stretched into late hours of the night.

During the event a colorful Club Brochure was launched by PDG Lion Khan; which was then distributed to the participants.

The industrious Lion Nazeer was declared by President Shenaz Norey to be the Lion of the Year.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

KNOW YOUR Clubs Statistics and Status for MD 411B as of June 2012

Club No & Name  Members Status Dues
116940 BUSIA GREATER 21 Active
65008 ARUA 33 Active Over 90 Days
27835 ARUSHA 24 Active
31301 BUKOBA 13 Cancelled Over 90 Days
104208 BUNDA 23 Cancelled Over 90 Days
54198 BUSHENYI 13 Cancelled Over 90 Days
27836 DAR ES SALAAM   47 Active Over 90 Days
97312 DAR ES SALAAM AMANI  22 Active Over 90 Days
77332 DAR ES SALAAM AZANIA    21 Active Over 90 Days
61631 DAR ES SALAAM CENTRAL   16 Active Over 90 Days
30851 DAR ES SALAAM CITY   41 Active
56755 DAR ES SALAAM MZIZIMA   42 Active
50170 DAR ES SALAAM PWANI   33 Active
66539 ENTEBBE  25 Active
63110 FORT PORTAL   20 Cancelled Over 90 Days
60243 IGANGA   20 Active
33132 JINJA  27 Active Over 90 Days
51867 KABALE   21 Active
55017 KAKIRA  18 Active
56738 KAMPALA CENTRAL  75 Active
61853 KAMPALA CITY   20 Active
27854 KAMPALA HOST   50 Active
104008 KAMPALA NEW CENTURY   14 Active Over 90 Days
99270 KAMPALA NORTH   19 Active
56506 KASESE 40 Active
27839 KILIMANJARO L C   23 Active
108105 KYENJOJO  20 Active Over 90 Days
52964 MASAKA  59 Active
49162 MBARARA  20 Active
101971 MLIMANI CAMPUS  20 Cancelled Over 90 Days
105838 MOROGORO 14 Status Quo Over 90 Days
62837 MOSHI KIBO 25 Active
66727 MOUNT MERU ARUSHA  31 Active
27842 MUSOMA  11 Active
27843 MWANZA  27 Active Over 90 Days
99000 MWANZA ILEMELA  26 Cancelled Over 90 Days
63564 MWANZA VALENTINE  38 Active Over 90 Days
56844 MWANZA VICTORIA  28 Active
35297 SOROTI   23 Active
27846 TANGA   19 Active Over 90 Days
89531 YUMBE  18 Active
97056 ADJUMANI  0 Cancelled Over 1 year
107381 BUGIRI  0 Cancelled Over 1 year
63109 GULU  0 Cancelled Over 1 year
77389 GULU UNIVERSITY 0 Cancelled Over 1 year
82895 KAMPALA CAPITAL 0 Cancelled Over 1 year
97685 KOBOKO  0 Cancelled Over 1 year
58929 KUMI   0 Cancelled Over 1 year
89210 MBALE TECEMAC CAMPUS   0 Cancelled Over 1 year
99775 MBEZI BEACH  0 Cancelled Over 1 year
53699 MITYANA  0 Cancelled Over 1 year
85936 MOYO   0 Cancelled Over 1 year
105833 MOYO CENTRAL   0 Cancelled Over 1 year
60244 NJERU   0 Cancelled Over 1 year
78126 NKOZI CAMPUS  0 Cancelled Over 1 year
63096 SIRONKO  0 Cancelled Over 1 year



I firmly believe that there are no real barriers to your success. You must simply overcome any doubts about your ability. The real excitement begins when you seriously start doing something to rectify the ailing situation and see it begins to take shape.

Kindly refer the last month’s (May 2012) Club Health assessment whereby we could see and feel some rays of hope of salvaging our clubs from falling and the positive growth of our membership.

It is very saddening to note that in less than 30 days, we have started to deteriorate – closing down 2 clubs and dropping out 14 members. Over 50% of the clubs in our District are in jeopardy awaiting suspension if the International dues are not remitted before end of this month.

I would kindly implore you to refer this Club Health Assessment seriously and act with all speed to save your clubs from cancellation.

The club Health Assessment of June 2012 with clubs who have crossed the unwarranted limit of 90 days plus and are in serious dilemma for not remitting the International dues.

Wishing you all the best in your sincere efforts to keep our District afloat.

With kind regards,

PDG / PMCC – M. D. 411

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mzizima Club Record over 250 Children at a Health check up Camp

Lions Club of Dar es Salaam Mzizima in collaboration with the TMJ hospital and Vital Supplies Limited organised a free health camp on 1st July - the first day of the Lionistic year 2012-2013. It was also the premier activity of the club. The camp was opened by the Kinondoni District Medical Officer Dr. Komba at TMJ hospital premises in Dar es Salaam. The opening was also attended by the press.

More than 250 plus children from age 0-12 years benefited from the medical camp, haemoglobin check and eye check up. Spectacles were also dispensed. Six doctors conducted the camp out of 3 were from the club - Ln Dr. Amar Swali, Ln. Dr. Alkesh Shah and Ln Dr. Sakina Khanbhai and also Doctors from TMJ hospital Dr. Hetal, Dr. Jackson and Dr. Ansila Mosha. We also had an optometrist to assist, daughter of Lion Murtaza Bodalbhai.

15 Members of the club were present and we had our region chairman’s Lion Salim Sulemanji of Region C and Lion Rizwan Qadri -Region D. Also Lion Jessie Mnguto of Lions club of Dar es Salaam Azania visited the camp. The camp started at 9:00am and ended at 2.00pm. by distributing biscuits, chocolates, juices and Water to all the children who were also entertained by Clowns and Music.

Our sincere thanks go to Dr. T. Jafferji and the CEO of T.M.J. Hospital Mrs. Chhaya, who were in forefront of organizing the camp and arranging Press conference and without her tireless support and service this camp would have not been possible. There were 15 plus members of the club in attendance from 8am to 3pm. Mzizima club contributed 1 Million shillings. 

All the doctors and nurses were awarded with certificate of Appreciation.

Prepared by
Ln. Bhavin Sonigra


Fellow Lions,  Ladies and Gentlemen, I am privileged to present to you the program for the coming Lionistic year 2012-2013.

Our International Presidents theme this Lionistic year is ‘’In a World of Service’’ which retaliates the founding theme ‘’We Serve’’ of our great organization. My Governorship Theme is “Commitment to Serve ‘’which augments his by simply emphasizing the depth of service.

1. For all intent and purposes we will further the purposes of the Association with more commitment to Serve. 

2. Promote effective Membership growth and form new Clubs where we expect committed quality members and retain as many as possible for those who are already in our fold. A successful Lions club should grow and expand. We need more individuals for our activities. 

3. Promote committed membership retention. Retaining and nurturing the members we already have strengthens the association. 

4. Administer and promote Leadership development at Club level and District. Leaders of our clubs should be very committed to the ideals of our Association. The officers of clubs should plan and implement service activities which will be of benefit to the recipients. 

5. Support and promote donations to L.C.I.F and increase the understanding of L.C.I.F programs. 

6. Increase on Public relations and promote International relations by portraying good image of Lionism. People will not know of the services we offer if they are not told .Let us publicize our activities and in doing so build our image. Each club should recognize the need to share information. 

7. As Lions we serve the communities in which we are members. It is therefore necessary that we get involved in tree planting , road signs, cultural activities and many other services. Develop work plans of social service, civic and cultural activities of interest to both the Clubs and community members. 

8. Continue with District programs e.g. LIONS QUEST and club visits. 

9. Clubs in our District have been in the fore front in offering services in the Health and social welfare sectors, we should continue to organize Diabetes awareness,HIV/AIDS, Hearing and Speech action and work with the Blind and Measles eradication. We have already started the one shot one life campaign in Uganda it will also be applied in Tanzania. This is a campaign worldwide by lions that every 2m dollars raised by lions is marched by 1m by Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. This is where the 1.160.000 m $ that was given to Uganda towards the measles and polio vaccine came from . L.C.I.F HAS sponsored many such projects in Health sector. e.g Rugarama Eye hospital in kabale, Gulu and Masaka eye hospitals . 

10. Provide guidance to all Clubs in the District and monitor their progress, actively participate and inspire all District officers both countries (Ug&Tz).

11. Endeavour to work with the Multiple District team and perform such duties and functions as required by the International Board of Directors.

12. Youths- we should clearly identify the needs of the Youth in the Health sector and Education. One of the International Presidents main goal this coming Lionistic year is about Literacy in our communities. This will be expounded beginning with this coming Lionistic year when we get more information.

As Lions our mission is to SERVE, Let us do so with COMMITMENT so that 2012/2013 will again be another successful year in our District.

District Governor 2012-2013.