Thursday, October 18, 2012



First Vice District Governor Lion Wilson Ndesanjo arrived back last week from India where he underwent a successful eye surgery. "I feel much better now and am greatly elated with this wonderful outcome," said Lion Wilson. he further mentioned that we should all take care of our eyes as they form an important part of our body. "The support Lions are giving to Sight related activities are something that we should indeed remain proud of," expressed Lion Wilson.

It is requested that all Lions join their hands together to pray for his speedy recovery. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Lions club of Dar es Salaam Mzizima served Lunch to 180 patients at Ocean Road Cancer Hospital in Dar es Salaam on 14 Oct 2012. 9 members of the club joined in the activity serve food to the patients.

During the activity club gave donation of TShs 450,000.00  for medicines to patients who could not afford.
The patients were Simiye Tofoli (100,000/=shs), Mwasiti Bonadare (40,000/=Shs), Beno Mwamuhange (40,000/=Shs), Veronica Chipaga (70,000/=Shs), and Milkia Sape (200,000/=shs).
The Club also distributed food worth TShs 800,000.00 to 70 street children l at Shabaan Robert Street behind Umoja House.

Sight, Diabetes and Tree Planting .... Mega Camp by Amani Club Records 279 Patients

Lions Club of Amani on 13th October performed multiple activities at Shree Hindu Mandal Primary and Secondary School in Dar es Salaam. Lion Shanti Shah District Chairperson for Sight Conservation and Work with the Blind inaugurated the camp.

RC Lion Rizwan Qadri, ZC Lion Naeemullah Dar, DC Lion Sara Qadri and 18 Amani Club Members, Principal & Vice Principal of Shree Hindu Mandal School, teachers, Diwani and Dignitaries attended the Event.

Total registered patients were 483 male and female but only 279 were screened, the rest would be done on a later date. 9 cataract and one serious eye patient were identified during the camp. Amani club have planned to carry out surgery at CCBRT soonest. 

Tree plant Activity was inaugurated by ZC Lion Naeem. 20 Trees were planted at different venues during the club activity.

Report By President Lion Babul


Sunday, October 14, 2012


On 8th September  International literacy day, The Lions of Bushenyi and Mbarara celebrated the day in style. 
As planned both parties converged at Nyabutobo primary school in Sheema District, 42 km on Bushenyi Road, armed with study and teaching materials for donation to the school. Both PTA and Management committee members, staff and pupils received us very well. The following items were successfully mobilized and delivered from Lions Club of Bushenyi, 
2 playing foot balls 
3 Box of Chalk 
8 dozen Ex books • 3 classroom wall clocks
10 blackboard dusters
ACarton manilla
Counter books
A Box and 1 dozen pens The following items were delivered from Mbarara Lions:
A carton of 48 pages ex books (480 pcs)
5 packets of pens (250 pens) 
Two and half gross of pencils ( 30 doz= 360 pencils)
10 black board dusters
24 packs of crayons 
1 ream of duplicating papers 
2 dozen of Mathematical sets (coffer= 24 pieces)
1 wall clock well labeled donated by LIONS OF MBARARA
2 kgs of sugar • A carton of chalk ( donated by non lion staff Sharon of Mbarara High School) 
Another 2 boxes of chalk 
packets of sweets (160 sweets)
Bundles of newspapers used in the recent past.
Used nursery books and Toto vision books. 
The total donation was estimated in the range of 0.8 m. Mbarara Lions contributed about shs 450.000 where as Bushenyi’s Contribution was worth Ug Shs 0.3M. Later in the day and next day, Radio West aired the activity. In the world of Service.


On 22nd of September 2012, several members of the Lions club of Kampala Cosmopolitan set out to be the change they wanted to see in the environment and in Uganda as a whole. 
They planted 200 seedlings of trees in the Kampala Golf course. The trees included 100 seedlings of Eucalyptus, 50 Seedlings of Neem tree and 50 Seedlings of Maesopsis. 
The activity was well received by the club management who promised to take good care of the trees so as to keep the course green and flourishing. The club management was represented by the Vice Captain of the Uganda Golf club – Mr. Paul Batte, who came with his 5 year old son.
The activity was attended by 15 members of the club, 10 visitors some of whom were from the press – New Vision (Uganda’s Leading Daily newspaper) and well wishers both from the Golf club and outsiders. 
Also present throughout the whole exercise was the President of Lions Club of Kampala Central – Lion Yesse Mubangizi. 
The president of Cosmo – Lion Pamela Tumwebaze thanked all who spared time to come and be apart of this good cause. She was happy with the turn up and encouraged all members to continue being active so that the club could lead by example.


Lions Club of Mbarara donated educational materials to Nyabutobo Primary School in Bushenyi district in Uganda.These materials were exercise books, pens and pencils. this took place on 14th Sept.2012.
Some of the photos that were taken on that day are as hereunder:

Tanga Club Serve Orphans this October to mark WSD

Tanga Club took 26 orphans for a day picnic to the Mwambani Beach for a recreational activity.

Games were played and snacks and food served was served thereafter. 

All the children were given a gift bag with lots of goodies. All Lions participated with their family and enjoyed a day out. The whole activity cost USD 300.

Patients at Amana Hospital Rejoiced during WSD with Pwani Club

Lions Club of DSM Pwani Celebrated WORLD SERVICE DAY by visiting Amana Hospital in Ilala, Dar es Salaam on 7th October, to distribute food items including cakes, biscuits, juice, water, bread, banana and oranges to the patients of the hospital.   

World Service Day is celebrated annually, whereby all Lions in the World take part to provide humanitarian services to the less fortunate in the community.

President Lion Rafiq Ghartey in his speech praised all in attendance as well as Convenor Lion Natu for carrying out this activity. He mentioned that he was happy that all members had come out to cooperate for the noble cause. “Caring for the sick is service to humanity,” he noted.

RC Lion Salim congratulated the members for observing OCTOBER WORLD SERVICE DAY  at the Hospital. He mentioned that Pwani Club had  performed remarkable duties by serving the less fortunate of the society. "You have showed again and again your ability to mobilize, raise funds and do meaningful services, congratulations to you all," said Lion Salim.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Kibo Lions successfully completed one project of handing over working tools to the seven disabled children who had last year been sponsored at Mamtukuna FDC with the assistance of the lions of Sweden. 
According to Lion Inderjeet, "this project was worth TShs 1,400,000/= and was the first phase of observing October Service Day and the second phase will be on 21st October 2012."

The following were given to the seven children:
  • 5 were given sewing machines each
  • one was given tools for wood working
  • and the last one was given utensils for cooking

Monday, October 8, 2012


Lions  Club of DSM City in collaboration with Lions Club Host marked the Lions World Service Day by distributing food items to Ocean Road Cancer Hospital on 7th October 2012. City Club spent Tshs 400,000.00 for this activity while 1st District Governor Lion Wilson Ndesanjo pledged Tshs 150,000 towards this activity.  


Peace poster Presentation by Lions Club of Dar es Salaam Mzizima at Alliance Francais was literally buzzing with excitement as a majority of the peace poster participants, Lion members and various officials of the facility were present to witness the prize giving ceremony held on Sat 6 Oct at 11.00 am.

This year we had the honour of also including contestants from the Spice islands. The Art master with his fellow compatriot who judged the contest admitted that it was an extremely difficult task to award the first and second prizes due to the good job done by all the children.

The first winner was Victor Peter of Lukooni Primary School with Runner up Nuru Jamal Bakhressa of International School of Tanganyika (IST-Elementary Campus).  

Judge was Frank Yustard and we had presence of Sullivan BENETIER The director of Alliance Francaise Dar es Salaam at the presentation ceremony in which on behalf of the Lions Club of Dar es Salaam Mzizima Thanking for joining us.

Before the presentation. The chief Guest Lion Sara Qadri said a few words to grace the occasion She stressed that Peace was the ultimate in anyones life time in her own words how well said...
"To imagine peace in an environment like ours is always fantastic and we should send this message all over...
Imagine peace in other countries..where you are not certain to come back home from work as your beloved ones wait for you impatiently"

Club sincerely thanks the convener of the Peace Poster contest Lion Saifuddin Nagri for carrying this activity for the past 3 years. Also the coordinator Ernest Mtaya who organized the contest and the judge Frank Yustard and Alliance Francaise.

The entire event was conducted by the chairman Lion Shanti Shah who was the host of the event.

Report by Ln Bhavin Sonigra.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Lions Club of Dar es Salaam Mzizima started their peace poster campaign with a bang Schools from Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam participated under the very experienced art teacher Mr Ernest Mtaya. The contest was held on Saturday 29 September at Alliance Francaise Centre in Dar es Salaam. 

A Total of 39 Pupils from different schools took part in this contest. They were 30 (Dar es Salaam), 1 from (Tanga) region and 8 from (Zanzibar) with 20 Schools participated. Eight members from the club went to witness  and join hands with the teacher in applauding the the talent of such young children.

The participants were Abdul Aziz Azam, Janice Malick, Alham Azam, Srivishnu Vassani, Joshua Burton, Lilian Mcharo ,Caren Ngonyani, Collins Ngonyani, Caren Lawrence Cheyo, Sameer Saad, Amatullah Jivajee, Akshay Chintaluri (Academic International Primary). Imaan Mulji, Ananya Jain, Said Bakharesa (International School Tanganyika- Elementary). Doreen Jacob (Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite School). Victor Peter Mtaya, Rehema Abdallah Pazi (Lukooni Primary School). Mary Bazol Chikujo (Mbagala Kuu Primary School). Happiness Joseph Chikujo (Umoja Primary School). Sarafina P Banzi (Masaka Primary School). Sikudhani Isihaka Mandwanga (Msasani Primary School). Nasra Said Mohamed (Mbezi juu Primary School). Sheraz Zangraff, Rem. El-Khalil (French School).

Others were Ecole Rimbaud, Sharon Julius (Bahari Primary School). Mary Tito Baran (JK Nyerere Primary School). Betty-Sue Kihunrwa (Aga Khan Primary School). Naaike Shikonyi (Al-Muntazir Primary School). Mathias Geofrey Shechambo (Usambara Pr.School( Lushoto, Tanga Region).
The peace poster contest in Zanzibar was held on 8th September 2012 at Early Learning Centre, the participants were Sania Farouq, Saria Farouq (The Lion King J Academy), Nihaar Firoz ,Shenazi Firoz (High View International Primary), Diamond Azim, (Feza Primary School) Islam Shah Bhimji, Arkam Mbimji (Laureat International Primary School), Falah Firoz, Farhad Firoz (Sunni Madrasa Primary).

Monday, October 1, 2012

Perfect For The Weekend: The One Hour Walk

Calories Burned While Walking 

The calories burned while walking is based on a 70 kg person and will vary depending on weight, walking speed, and workout duration.

Walking to loose weight on a 25 to 30 minutes workout is called a "drop-it-fast sprint". The quicker you walk, the farther you can go and the more pounds you'll melt off. Here's a fun routine that burns as many as 175 calories:
After warming up for 5 minutes, walk as fast as you can for 10 minutes. Note how far you went. Then turn around and walk back at a brisk pace, slowing your speed to cool down as you get closer to your starting point. Each time you do this workout, aim to walk faster and go farther than your initial turnaround point.

The One Hour Walk
The 60+ minutes mega-calorie burner can crank up your post-exercise calorie burn nearly five fold, compared with a 30-minute walk. That's on top of the nearly 350 calories you'll melt during your walk. It's also a social way to slim down: Plan your route so you meet up with a friend or two and walk with for par of your route. Meeting someone along the way may help you from getting bored.

10 MINUTES is all it takes to crank up the intensity with metabolism revving bursts of high-impact activities. The amazing results: Nearly 70% more calories burned while walking compared to a steady pace walk.If walking to loose weight is your goal on a tight schedule, take note of this brake down, for an effective time saver calorie-burner:

Only ... 10 minutes  TIME and PACE:

0:00-2:59................Warm-up, easy to moderate pace

3:00-3:59................Brisk walk


4:30-5:29................Fast walk

5:30-5:59................Jumping jacks in place

6:00-6:59................Fast walk

7:00-7:29................Side jumps, feet together, in place

7:30-8:29................Fast walk


9:00-10:00..............Cool-down, easy pace

REF ----