Thursday, April 11, 2013

Signature Projects for Lions Clubs

For Lions of 411B, the information herein will assist you to determine your project and advance it as necessary. Please do fill in Form MK 9 for directions.

Purpose: To identify a major community project with a Lions club, zone, region, or district so that the project is associated with the Lions club, zone, region, or district.

By definition, a Lions Signature Project is:
A distinctively Lions initiative.
A community project which identifies Lions.
A project which is visible throughout the community.
A “hands-on” project.
A project which is relevant to community needs.
A project which helps to build the reputation of the Lions club.
A project which attracts the attention of quality members of the community.
Lions Signature Projects vary according to community needs. Before planning a Signature Project, Lions clubs should complete the Lions Community Needs Assessment (MK-9).

Lions Signature Projects may address:
The needs of children;
Community needs;
The needs of the elderly;
Environmental needs;
Healthcare needs;
The needs of persons in other countries;
Human welfare needs.

Examples of Lions club or district Signature Projects:
Lions in MD 109 (Iceland) built Lions Home Hlein for severely disabled young adults.
The Long Beach (Downtown) Lions Club, California, built the 65-foot (19 meters) tall Lions Lighthouse for Sight.
The Lions of District 14-B (Pennsylvania, USA), built the Lions Diabetes Treatment
Center for their community.
In Egypt, Lions are working with the military to remove World War II land mines.
Every year, the Mt. Vernon (Evening) Lions, Virginia, USA, organize Lions Safety Day.
The Bonita Springs Lions, Florida, USA, award annual educational scholarships.
In 1951, the Springfield (16 Acres) Lions Club, Massachusetts, USA, established the District 33-Y Orthopedic Clinic. The Lions continue to support this eye care facility.

Signature Project Results
As a result of completing a high-visibility Lions Signature Project, others in your community
take notice of the Lions’ willingness to serve, thereby increasing the possibility for attracting
new members. New members bring new ideas. In the end, the local community reaps the
benefits of increased community service.

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