Sunday, September 9, 2012


The Lions Club of Dar es Salaam is expected to send 50 to India children born with repairable heart defects for open heart surgery, targeting cases babies with congenital heart defects and youths with rheumatic valvular heart diseases.

Speaking over the weekend during the launch of a fundraising initiative to collect money for the purpose Dr Rajni Kanabar said the patients will be treated at paediatric cardiac hospitals of excellence.
Kanabar who is Convener of Heart Surgery Project said the children would leave for India early next month and undergo open surgery on October 8 at Narayana Hrudayalaya Heart Hospital, Bangalore and Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi.
“We do not have a single penny in our clubs kitty at the moment but by the grace of God through our giving spirit and passion for selfless service many giving donors, foundations, industrialists, corporate companies will join with us to create this miracle,” Kanabar said.
He added: “Today we are launching a fund raising appeal to all fellow Tanzanians who are good creations of God and ask them to donate at least $1 only by sending sms to telephone numbers 0768 – 620805( M=Pesa), 0652 – 620808( TigoPesa and 0688 – 477969( airtel Money) .
He said the open heart surgery for single child is conducted at a subsidised price of $ 2,000.
He said they have identified 300 children who need immediate heart surgery and they are committed to sending them in various batches during the current lionistic year.
“This is our main Tanzania heart babies’ project, which has been going on for the past three decades and has helped more than 3,000 children with subsidised heart surgeries by giving a new lease of life to them,” he said.
He said during 2012-2013 the Lions Club of Dar es Salaam will celebrate its 50th Anniversary and Lions World Service Day, which will be celebrated by 1.3 million Lion members in 60,000 Lions clubs in 204 countries by various charitable activities which will make difference in the lives of the less privilege.
The President of Lions Club of Dar es Salaam Lion Nimira Gangji was grateful and thanked Emirates Airlines who will give 25 per cent of discounted airfares for the humanitarian mission.
High Commission of India in Dar es Salaam would grant free visas to the patients and escorts while Zanzibar’s Ministry of Health would sponsor 10 heart patients.


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