Friday, September 21, 2012


Orientation and Leadership Seminar  was held on 2nd September 2012 at Red Onion, Hydery Plaza, Dar-es-Salaam for the purpose of training District Officers & Club Officers Orientation.

Attendance:  36 members attended
Speakers:  1. Lion Talib Yusufali  2. Lion Zahira Patwa  3. Lion Hyderali Gangji
Discussants: Lion Abdul Majid Khan; Lion Safdarali Jaffer; Lion Polly; and  Lion Wilson Ndesanjo

Lion Safdarali Jaffer emphasized on the importance of the role and responsibilities of the club officers. Seminars impart more training to the officers to run the clubs efficiently.

Lion Talib Yusufali spoke on  District committees. They are 17 committees on various categories / programs of the LCI. Each program has a convener to take part and execute the goals of the LCI and DC’s are entrusted to fulfill the goals of DG office and to work with DGO in tandem to achieve the goals. All the DC’s should visit all the clubs in their region to spread awareness of the each committee activities and take part in action as well.

Lion Zahira Patwa explained on the Role and Responsibilities (R&R) of Club Officers in details. 
First she took the R&R of the club presidents and explained in details by reading out the handouts. All the club presidents are the members of the DG advisory board.
Then the R&R of Club secretary, as all the secretaries should report their club activities/MMR in time on the website. They should also inform the DC, ZC & DG office of their BOD & Business meeting notifications, so as to attend them if they wanted preferentially. Club secretary is the main communication link for in and outside the club. All the communications should be to intended and mandatory peoples only but not the others.
Followed by R&R Club Treasurer, finally she requested all the club officers to read the DG hand book for more information and guidance. All the club officers should plan the club activities effectively well in advance to execute them efficiently in time and to gather more participation.

Lion Hyderali Gangji explained to the attendees on Membership growth of the clubs. He gave the handouts and readout by explaining the key points. The floor was informed that IPDG Lion Satish Sharma and Lion Safdarali Jaffer were the certified guiding lions. 

PDG Lion Polly from Uganda presented the certificates to the speakers of the seminar.

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