Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Africa is growing fast. The population passed one billion in 2009 and just three years later another 35 million had been added. Despite the challenges we face, many people agree with the British newspaper, The Independent, which declared that Africa is poised for the kind of dynamic economic and social growth last seen in India and Asia.

Just like the continent, Africa's Lions clubs can grow rapidly. The Africa Steering Committee goal is to have 30,000 enthusiastic Lions serving those in need. The Africa Three Group Strategy is a way of looking at Africa by country, by the number of clubs and by the number of members. This strategy will help your club and district decide where to place the emphasis in your own development efforts.

If your club is in one of the Developing Group countries, geographic distance is probably an issue. Club members may have to travel far to meetings and district governors must travel far to visit clubs. 

You can lessen travel times and maximize effectiveness by focusing on the Start New Sustainable Clubs section of the strategy.

If your club is in an Emerging Group nation where there is a large, untapped pool of potential Lions you may wish to focus on the Improve Service Projects and the Improve Club Experience sections. 

Highly visible service projects and happy, enthusiastic members are two of the best recruitment tools available! (Happy members are much more likely to share news about their  club with others.)

If your club is in a Big Seven country your large number of happy members can be especially effective in inviting new Lions to your club.

You may want to focus on the Support Existing Clubs and Members section to take full advantage of your members' dedication and energy.

Whichever group your club is in, your top priority should be to create value for your members and your community.

You can create value by improving relationships among Lions. Be a true mentor or sponsor. Conduct a How Are Your Ratings? survey. Use the tools in the Africa Three Group Strategy.

Improving relationships among clubs. Work on projects together. Co-sponsor a  new club.  

Being visible. Promote your club and its projects in the community with items from the Club Supplies store. Talk with non-Lions about your club.

Use key messages to talk with Lions and non-Lions about your club in a positive way.

Be a part of the coming growth of Africa. Grow your clubs and districts to serve the needs of our dynamic continent!


The Africa Steering Committee,

PID Manoj Shah, Kenya, Chair
PID HOB Lawal, Nigeria
PDG Ali Habour, Algeria
PDG Hastings Chiti, Zambia
PCC Norbert Bationo, Burkina Faso
PDG Robert Fowler, South Africa
PCC Alexis Vincent Gomes, Republic of Congo
IPDG Abdou Moukite, Morocco
PCC Rajinder Sembi, Kenya
PDG Ahmed Salem Mostafa, Egypt

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