Thursday, November 8, 2012


Peace Poster Contest is practiced in Lionism and considered as the 3rd purpose in Service to Humanity. The principal idea revolves around PEACE and this year we have “Imagine Peace” as the theme. 

We all know that Dar es Salaam in English or any other language translates as Haven of Peace. So therefore Peace is embodied in Tanzanian lives as we wake up and when we go to sleep - always there is calmness. Therefore to imagine peace in an environment like ours is always fantastic and we should send this message to the world over - so that the inspirations from the children ends up in the minds and heart of adults.

This year Pwani Club carried out the contest at 3 schools that produced classic work through individual resourcefulness.

Each participating students were given Snacks, Compass and Certificate of Appreciation. The 1st winner was given TShs 10,000.00 each while the Art Teachers were given token of Appreciation.

President Lion Rafiq Ghartey praised the assistance given by all the schools in enabling this contest as well as the Convenor Lion Sara and her team for an activity successfully carried out. “When you think of peace, look at the great effort made by social organizations that enable community services and alleviate poverty through their activities’’ said the president.

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