Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pwani Club Twins with Hettstedt Club from Germany to provide White Canes to the Blind

Lions club of DSM Pwani carried out an activity at CCBRT Hospital on 6th November 2012. The activity was a result of twinning with Lions of Hettstedt Club, Germany. 7 blind adults were provided with  WHITE CANES so that could be able to be guided.
Over 40 million people in the world  are blind, and over 120 million people have significant Low Vision conditions that cannot be corrected, cured or treated by conventional refraction, medicine or surgery. This number is expected to double by the year 2020.

The twinning was carried out through effort of Convenor Lion Zahira and  Lion Sebastian Bartsch.
CCBRT expressed their appreciations and confirmed that all the 7 blind persons will be trained properly.
"I am humbled by the dedication and commitment of Lions as they offer great assistance to the visually handicapped," said Mr. Oscar of CCBRT.


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