Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Dear Lions,

The iconic bridge of Busan- Gwangan Daero was a sight to marvel. This bridge exhibits technological advancement. The lions of Korea built bridges of friendship with the lions of the world. In spite of language barriers they won the hearts of all with their friendly smiles exhibiting their passion for the organization. As Dr Tam passed on the baton to President Wayne Madden yet another bridge was built as the lions present echoed- I Believe in a World of Service.
An old man was walking alone along a highway. As evening neared it became cold and gray. Suddenly he came upon a chasm, vast and deep and wide. He crossed it in the twilight and as he safely reached the the other side he turned around and started building a bridge over the chasm.
A fellow pilgrim laughed at him and asked him why he was wasting his strength in building the bridge as he would never have to walk that way again.
The old man lifted his head and said that when he was walking he had seen a young man following at a distance. This young man, he said, may not be able to cross the chasm safely and may fall in the pit- thus he was building the bridge.
As we move into another lions year we need to ask ourselves what kind of bridges we are building. To pass on the legacy we need to indulge in this exercise. We have to make the path of those who follow easier. As we move into new positions of responsibility we have to continue our role as mentors and guides to those who succeed us. PIP Soliva had urged us to build bridges of understanding. We have indeed lost a great philosopher and thinker. We were lucky to have him speak for the academy – maybe one of his last interviews. May his soul rest in peace.
Leaders are many, but some who stand out. We bring to you yet another exclusive interview – that with another outstanding leader – our newly elected Vice President Joe Preston. I hope this conversation with him will give you an insight of the lion who will head our association in a couple of years.
Lions of MD322 are known for thinking ahead and for pre-empting challenges. The MD GLT Coordinator has put forth a training program aimed at the club president, secretary and treasurer. Each module has videos, case studies and the like which you could use to train the club officers. It is editable and you can insert slides relevant to your district. It is made in such a way that you can edit it to suit any time frame you may have for the training program.
The new webinar schedule is on the site. Once again we have lion leaders from across the globe who will talk on a variety of subjects ranging from an idea which can change the club or district, adding fun into fundraising, being an accountable leader and once again a webinar in which we will have our panelists narrate anecdotes from our glorious past. Please do register for them.
If you have not had the opportunity to see the updated Handbook please do so–it has been uploaded on the site with amendments as of April 2012.
We would once again request you to share with us any power point presentation you may have. View the new presentations on change, working towards excellence, your success formula and what is leadership.
Wishing you all the best.
A P Singh

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