Monday, July 9, 2012


Fellow Lions,  Ladies and Gentlemen, I am privileged to present to you the program for the coming Lionistic year 2012-2013.

Our International Presidents theme this Lionistic year is ‘’In a World of Service’’ which retaliates the founding theme ‘’We Serve’’ of our great organization. My Governorship Theme is “Commitment to Serve ‘’which augments his by simply emphasizing the depth of service.

1. For all intent and purposes we will further the purposes of the Association with more commitment to Serve. 

2. Promote effective Membership growth and form new Clubs where we expect committed quality members and retain as many as possible for those who are already in our fold. A successful Lions club should grow and expand. We need more individuals for our activities. 

3. Promote committed membership retention. Retaining and nurturing the members we already have strengthens the association. 

4. Administer and promote Leadership development at Club level and District. Leaders of our clubs should be very committed to the ideals of our Association. The officers of clubs should plan and implement service activities which will be of benefit to the recipients. 

5. Support and promote donations to L.C.I.F and increase the understanding of L.C.I.F programs. 

6. Increase on Public relations and promote International relations by portraying good image of Lionism. People will not know of the services we offer if they are not told .Let us publicize our activities and in doing so build our image. Each club should recognize the need to share information. 

7. As Lions we serve the communities in which we are members. It is therefore necessary that we get involved in tree planting , road signs, cultural activities and many other services. Develop work plans of social service, civic and cultural activities of interest to both the Clubs and community members. 

8. Continue with District programs e.g. LIONS QUEST and club visits. 

9. Clubs in our District have been in the fore front in offering services in the Health and social welfare sectors, we should continue to organize Diabetes awareness,HIV/AIDS, Hearing and Speech action and work with the Blind and Measles eradication. We have already started the one shot one life campaign in Uganda it will also be applied in Tanzania. This is a campaign worldwide by lions that every 2m dollars raised by lions is marched by 1m by Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. This is where the 1.160.000 m $ that was given to Uganda towards the measles and polio vaccine came from . L.C.I.F HAS sponsored many such projects in Health sector. e.g Rugarama Eye hospital in kabale, Gulu and Masaka eye hospitals . 

10. Provide guidance to all Clubs in the District and monitor their progress, actively participate and inspire all District officers both countries (Ug&Tz).

11. Endeavour to work with the Multiple District team and perform such duties and functions as required by the International Board of Directors.

12. Youths- we should clearly identify the needs of the Youth in the Health sector and Education. One of the International Presidents main goal this coming Lionistic year is about Literacy in our communities. This will be expounded beginning with this coming Lionistic year when we get more information.

As Lions our mission is to SERVE, Let us do so with COMMITMENT so that 2012/2013 will again be another successful year in our District.

District Governor 2012-2013.

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