Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lions Club of Dar es Salaam Mzizima has completed it's Water project at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam. This is the first major activity of the club in this Lionistic Year 2012-2013.


Muhimbili children's ward which had been devoid of the basic necessity for a long time was finally addressed by the Lions of Mzizima.

It was clearly evident how the patients and the staff must have suffered due to the lack of water. The hardship faced was mammoth as it is a multi storeyed complex covering 5 floors.

The existing supply by the Hospital was not enough to cater for even a fraction of their needs. The staff and patients carried water with the aid of containers as depicted in the picture. 4 Lion members from Mzizima went on Saturday inspecting the completion of the work carried out.

1.Digging a borehole. 50 mts

2.Laying the Best quality piping for water and electrical installations(conduiting)

3.Installation of 2 pumps which can fill a tank of 110000 litres in one day.

4.Installation of State of the art control boxes to cater for the pumps.

5.To ensure the filling of 6 tanks on the terrace capacity of 3000 litres

6. To Lay the internal piping using the best quality pipes.

7. The expanse of the block was more than 100 mts where two wings have independent supply of water to the wards below.

All these have been accomplished within a record period of less than 2 weeks.

The opening of this project has been set at a later date. The project cost has exceeded 8 million tsh. The pictures include the Head of the dept Dr Hadija ,several maintenance engineers from Muhimbili and Mzizima and the Lion members.

Report by Lion Mustafa Kudrati.

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