Saturday, July 21, 2012


Respected dignitaries of the district, my dear fellow lions and leos,

I would like to inform you all that we had our New Office Installation Ceremony for the lionstic year 2012 – 2013 on Sunday, 17th June, 2012 at Hotel Gold Crest. We are now ready with our NEW BOARD and three new valentines!

After the fellowship from 11:30 to 12:00 noon the program began as Lion Pushpa Shekar, Lion Shamya Merali and Lion Kanan Patel escorted the chief guest towards high table. RC Appointed Lion Hemant Patel honored us by attending the ceremony as chief guest.
RC Lion Jasmina Mistry and her spouse Lion Jayesh Mistry, ZC Lion Jagdish Mehta, our present club president Lion Pushpa Shekar, present club president of Mwanza Youth Leo Club Leo Shamya Merali, incoming club president Lion Kanan Patel and her spouse Lion Nilesh Patel accompanied chief guest on high table.

District officers Lion Burhan Mohmad and Lion Mukesh Radia remained graced the occasion.

As the chief guest and other dignitaries made themselves comfortable on high table the meeting was called to order by Lion Pushpa Shekar; Lion Pooja Nakum did the invocation grace and Loyal Toast again by Lion Pushpa Shekar.

Then Leo Azan Virji has been called upon to introduce the club guests. As he finished Leo Shamya Merali gave welcome address.
Lion Jasmina Mistry has been called upon for introducing the chief guest RC Appointed Lion Hemant Patel. She gave brief and nice introduction of him so that other invitees and valentines learned about one of the senior Lion like him.

Now was the time of giving presentation to Lions and LEOs for the hard work done during lionistic year 2011 – 2012. Our club President Lion Pushpa Shekar gave awards to every member for their support and service while her presidency. She declared Lion Bhoomi Nanavati as “Valentine of the Year” and gifted a certificate to her considering attendance, punctuality, preparing newsletters and bulletin as expected and overall participation in activities throughout the year.

By the time valentines received their awards and applause, Mwanza Youth Leo Club president Leo Shamya Merali was ready with awards to appreciate LEOs for the efforts and team work shown in this lionistic year 2011 – 2012 under her leadership.

We just thanked the current year and the moment arrived to formally welcome new lionistic year 2012 – 2013. The chief guest has been requested to ‘Install New Office’ for Lions Club of Mwanza Valentine and Mwanza Youth Leo Club. He called incoming BOARDs front and installed the new offices as per the standard procedure. He performed the whole procedure enthusiastically so that Lions and Leos felt motivated and made themselves determined to work with full of energy in coming year. All did LION LIKE ROAR to welcome the new BOARDs and new lionistic year. (Pls. refer to enclosures for the complete list of new BOARDs).
I feel really happy to highlight that our club has got three new members who have been inducted by the chief guest. We welcomed Lion Vahida, Lion Mansi and Lion Swarnalatha with applause.

Incoming leaders were in action; yes club President Lion Kanan Patel and Leo Shamya Merali delivered marvelous acceptance speech.

The ceremony was progressing towards the end, master of ceremony requested IT Director Lion Bhoomi Nanavati to bring the Yearly Bulletin and hand over to the chief guest. He unpacked and declared the bulletin as released. It was an honor for our club publishing the yearly bulletin as a part of this ceremony.

Planned agendas were completed as per the schedule. Lion Bindu Ganatra offered vote of thanks to honorable chief guest, guests on high table and dignitaries of Lions Clubs in the region. All were ready with the glasses for toast to lionism done by Lion Bhoomi. Leo Shamya Merali adjourned the meeting for delicious lunch and entertainment.

Raffle tickets were sold during the fellowship during the beginning of the ceremony and it was the time to pick the numbers and find the lucky winners. Three prizes were declared for the winners.

Yours Sincerely,
Lion Deepmala Dave
Lions Club of Mwanza Valentine

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