Wednesday, August 1, 2012

District Dues for Lionistic Year 2012/2013

These are the guidelines for billing clubs for the current Lionistic Year.

(i) District Dues Member annual Fee :-$25 
(The Mombasa Multiple District Convention unanimously passed the Annual District Dues to increase by $2 dollars each year until the final ceiling of $25; which is this year).
(ii) International Dues $41 per member. However the registered family members at Lions Clubs International have one spouse paying full amount ($41) and the rest each pays half of that amount).
(iii) Charter and new member fee $30.This is in addition to the normal member annual dues based on pro rata.
(iv) Leo Club dues per each Leo Club charged to the sponsoring club $90.
(v) The amount of dues at the club level for administrative purposes is optional and is decided by individual clubs.

I call upon the Sub Treasurers to bill the clubs accordingly.
First half payment should be effected latest September 30, 2012.
Note that those clubs with balances brought forward in excess of 90 days overdue will soon be placed in status quo with eventual closure. 
Each Sub Treasurer should determine the exchange rate bearing in mind the fluctuations of the rates and the ledger fee and other related charges. In Uganda the exchange rate to be advised should be US$1 for sh.2600.

Lion John   Kwesiga
Cabinet Treasurer 

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