Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lions Club of Mount Meru Arusha Carry out Multiple Activities in August

Activity 1
Clothes collection Drive
170 Pairs of trousers, 28 pairs of Indian wear and 160 pairs of children clothing were collected by 4 members of the club, another 50 pcs of Blankets and 25 pcs
Mosquito nets were donated by good Samaritan, the items collected will be distributed to 400 individuals at the Eye camp in September.
Activity 2

Distribution of Food Packets to Wards
On 12th August members of the Lions club of Mount Meru Arusha, distributed 275 packets of food to Mount Meru Children ward and Maternity Ward, Karen Maternity ward, Levolosi children ward,and St Elizabeth hospital Eye Unit. The food packets contained sweets,cake,biscuits,orange,milk, bread and juice, the activity amounted to 680000/= shillings.
Activity 3
Toys collections
25 Members of the club participated in collecting New and Old toys for distribution at Children homes and Hospitals, the members were able to collect 270 items of New and used toys, the distribution will take place in October 2012.

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