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Dear Fellow Lions,

As leaders in your respective areas, regions and zones, may we request you to help us promote and enroll participants for the Regional Lions Leadership Institute.  An application form is attached herewith. LCI offers a variety of leadership development programmes is designed to develop and enhance the leadership skills of present and future Lions Leaders while sharing ideas, successes and challenges with fellow Lions.

The following information will help you in promoting the Institute.

WHY: The Lions Leadership Institute provides an intensive study in leadership skill that helps to prepare participants to assume positions of leadership within their clubs, district and communities.  You will also begin to appreciate “How much leadership development you need? And what a Lion leader is able to do”.

Lions in good standing with 8 years or less of membership, who have successfully served on a Club committee and who have not yet attained the level of Club President. Clubs must be in good standing at LCI and District.
All candidates will be evaluated and selected by the institute coordinator.

HOW MANY: The workshop will be for a maximum of 60 Lions (30 from each district) and preference will be given to those Lions who have not attended any previous Institute and also ensuring an even distribution of clubs throughout the multiple district. No more than two participants will be accepted from any one club.  Club has to be in good standing at both District and International. 

WHERE: The institute will be held at the Comfort Inn Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.  Selected participants must check in to this hotel latest 4.00 P.M. on Friday 26th October 2012 and checkout by 11.00 A.M. on Sunday 28th October 2012. (Does not apply to applicants who reside in Nairobi, who will be expected to commute).

As per the rules of L.C.I. Leadership Institute, participants staying in the hotel will have to share a room with another participant.  However you may stay in a single room by paying for the room yourself.

WHEN: The Institute will commence at 3.00 P.M. on Friday 26th October 2012 with registration, room allocation, orientation and fellowship dinner.  It will end on Sunday 28th October 2012 with a farewell lunch and presentation of certificates.  

COST OF THE INSTITUTE : Accommodation for two nights in the hotel, all meals and workshop materials will be provided by the Institute as per the above schedule. 

However, if the participant in selected and fails to show up, then the club will be responsible to pay a penalty fee of USD50.00. 
No other participant may replace one selected from a club without the express authority of the institute coordinator. Participants will be obliged to pay for all extras like telephone calls laundry, snacks, beverages etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This institute is always oversubscribed for, and the institute coordinator has only 60 participants that he can select.  If the selected participant does not show up at the institute, he / she: 
1. Has denied another Lion an opportunity to participate
2. Has cost LCI and the Districts money as advanced payments are made to the hotels. 

# So if you confirm and send an application form, be very sure that you are able to attend ALL the sessions from Friday 26th October 2012 to 2.00 p.m. on Sunday 28th  October 2012.  
# After sending the form, and if you have not heard from us by 12th  October 2012, call +254 722 838413 or +254 733 838413, to confirm if your forms have reached and if you are selected.
TOPICS: Some of the topics addressed will be (these may vary):

Conducting Effective Meetings
Goal Setting
Lions Fundamentals
Member Motivation
Membership Programs
Presentation Skills
Working in Teams

a) Must arrive and depart as required by the institute rules.
b) Must attend ALL the sessions.
c) Must be willing to participate in all discussions and activities. 
d) Must have email address to enable faculty to send pre-assignments.

APPLICATIONS: As per the date the application is filed, Lion members in good standing from clubs in good standing at both District and International level may apply on the attached application forms. We reserve the right to confirm the status of the club from the respective Cabinet Treasurer, whose details we shall assume to be correct.

Mobile: +254 722 838413 / +254 733 838413 ,Tel: +254 20 552878/ 554441

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