Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DG winds up his Tanga - Moshi Club Visitation

18th January 2013: TANGA
  • District Governor was received at Tanga Airport
  • Lunch meeting at Panori Hotel with Tanga Club
  • Visit was made to Diana Orphanage to donate various items 
  • Private Dinner was arranged by Lion Victoria and Lion Godfrey Sawe 

19th January 2013: MOSHI
  • District Governor was received from Tanga
  • Lions Club of Moshi Kibo had Lunch and BOD Meeting with him.
  • In the afternoon there was visitation of projects 
  • In the evening a Banquet was arranged by Moshi Kibo
  • On Sunday Morning he was taken to Msandaka Lions Deaf Centre to lay  foundation stone of the next phase of construction
  • In the afternoon there was Zone meeting with Lunch.
  • In the evening Moshi Kibo organised  private dinner for DG and Guests
21st Monday: MOSHI
  • Morning visit was arranged to Regional Commissioner to hand over computer from      lions club of Moshi Kibo
  • Thereafter a Visit to District Commissioner to hand over computer
  • In the afternoon Lions Club of New century took DG to a blind school where 70 pupils were provided wity lunch.
22nd January Tuesday: MOSHI
  • District Governor was with Lions Club of Kilimanjaro.

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