Wednesday, January 9, 2013


ACTIVITY BRIEF: On 16th December 2012, Lions Club of DSM Pwani carried out an activity of donating 5 Sewing Machines to widow ladies from various part of the city namely; Segerea, Gongo la Mboto and Temeke and also donated clothes for their needy children under the Poverty Alleviation Project. An amount of TShs 1,176,000.00 was spent.

President Lion Rafiq Ghartey said in his speech that to donate to widow and needy ladies Sewing Machines will assist them to live a better and independent life. He urged for similar effort and ensured the ladies that Pwani Lions would continue with this support. He thanked Sister Noreen from UK who donated these Sewing Machines as well as Lion Rizwan and Lion Sara for the Fellowship Lunch.

The ladies expressed their appreciation and ensured that the machines would be well looked after and will save a portion of money earned to assist others who are also needy. 

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