Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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  1. The Benefits of Being a Lion

    Do you remember how good it felt the first time you helped restore someone's vision through Lions Sight and Hearing Services? Do you remember the pride you felt when you noticed that the trees planted in the Protecting Our Environment Global Service Action Campaign are growing and flourishing? Do you recall a satisfying feeling of achievement when you helped a child learn to read through International President Madden's Reading Action Program?

    Of course you do. One of the best benefits of being a Lion is the feeling of personal pride and achievement that comes from making a difference in your community. It's why most people become Lions and the biggest reason why Lions stay Lions.

    You can offer these same positive feelings to others in your community by inviting them to become a Lions club member and by providing them with ongoing opportunities for growth and accomplishment. Focusing on service projects that achieve visible results is the best way to keep club members strongly committed to Lions service. Performing a Community Needs Assessment is the best way to assure that your club's service is meaningful and effective.

    Service projects that address important needs and achieve positive visible results will also raise your club's standing in the community. Use the tools provided at Lions Clubs PR Tools to publicize your club's accomplishments. Raising your club's visibility in this way will help make it more attractive to new members and help maintain the commitment of existing members. Most importantly, your club's greater visibility and respect in your community will make it easier for those who need our help to gain access to Lions service.

    Lions want to make a difference in their communities and the world. Lions also want the opportunity to learn, grow and achieve. The way to do both is by planning, executing and publicizing high quality service projects that meet the community's most pressing needs. Please tell us how your club's service projects have benefitted both your community and you, personally, by completing Service Activity Reports.

    LCI offers a range of very useful guidelines and support material to help your Lions club get recognized as a powerful force for positive change in your community. Access them at Lions Club Member Resources.

    What a great feeling indeed!


    The Africa Steering Committee,

    PID Manoj Shah, Kenya, Chair
    PID HOB Lawal, Nigeria
    PDG Ali Habour, Algeria
    PDG Hastings Chiti, Zambia
    PCC Norbert Bationo, Burkina Faso
    PDG Robert Fowler, South Africa
    PCC Alexis Vincent Gomes, Republic of Congo
    IPDG Abdou Moukite, Morocco
    PCC Rajinder Sembi, Kenya
    PDG Ahmed Salem Mostafa, Egypt