Thursday, January 10, 2013


The official visit of DG Lion Joseph Kiwanuka and first lady Edith Kiwanuka to the club was made on Saturday, 5-Jan, 2013.
Service Activity 1 –Donation of wheel chair to Mwanza Airport
A wheel chair was handed over by DG to Ms. Judith of Mwanza Airport in the month and another is planned to be donated in January. 
Service Activity 2 – Donation of Wheel Chair to Mr. Suleman Iddi.
This was carried out before lunch and given to a disable Mr. Suleman Iddi.

Board Meeting was carried out thereafter and presided by Club president Lion Kanan. He explained about the club, its membership and activities. Lion DG also gave his remarks and inputs on how we can focus on various goals of Lions International like Literacy, Health, Environment, Community service, etc.

Social Night
Members attended a lively Social Night organized in honor of official visit of DG at hotel La Kairo around 8:00 pm. This was jointly organized by Lions Club of Mwanza and Lions Club of Mwanza Valentine

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